We support people, their ideas, and inspirations to create opportunities for competitive innovations, internationalization, and research in Central and Northern Finland.


The founders of Scanfil plc, Riitta and Jorma J. Takanen, established the foundation in 2005 to promote the development of know-how in the technological industry, and to support international competitiveness.

The foundation has awards grants for students enabling them to participate in foreign exchange and research work, such as doctoral research. In addition, the foundation endorses research innovations commercialisation.


The foundation distributes grants twice a year, in spring and autumn. Applications must be submitted to the foundation during the application period on March 1. – 30.4. or 1.9. – 31.10. Grant instructions and are filled in the Riitta and Jorma J. Takanen grant system..

Twice a year the foundation awards grants: 

  • For teaching and research activities and their development in universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutions
  • University and university of applied sciences students’ internships abroad
  • University and university of applied sciences students’ exchange studies abroad

In the spring the foundation awards grants:

  • Research work

Cooperation with the University of Oulu in the financing of R2B projects

The Riitta and Jorma J. Takanen Foundation is in close cooperation with the University of Oulu. Since 2020, the Riitta and Jorma J. Takanen Foundation has promoted the commercialization of research results by supporting the projects of university researchers who have received Business Finland’s R2B funding. Funding can be granted up to 100,000 euros.

At the University of Oulu, around five Research to Business (R2B) projects aimed at commercialization are launched each year, where new business is developed from the research results with Business Finland’s R2B funding. The additional funding improves the conditions for new research-oriented start-ups or the licensing of technologies.

The Foundation makes decisions on the amount of annual funding based on the proposal of the university’s innovation centre by the end of August of that year. Funding can be used for both ongoing and completed University of Oulu R2B projects.


The founders of Scanfil Oyj, Riitta and Jorma J. Takanen established a foundation in 2005. The purpose of the foundation is to promote the development of business life, especially in the technology industry, and to support and promote technological know-how and international competitiveness in central and northern Finland.


Board of Trustees

The chairman of the board of trustees of the Riitta and Jorma J. Takanen Foundation is Harri Takanen. The other board members are Erja Sankari, Hannu Huttunen and Jonna Tolonen. The foundation’s CEO is Jarmo Rankinen.

Harri Takanen

Chairman of the Board

Erja Sankari

Member of the board

Hannu Huttunen

Member of the board

Jonna Tolonen

Member of the board

Jarmo Rankinen

CEO of the foundation


The basic capital of the foundation is 500,000 euros. In addition to the basic capital, Riitta and Jorma J. Takanen donated a total of more than 7.5 million euros of assets to the foundation. The foundation’s assets are currently around 20 million euros.


Grants spring 2023

Riitta and Jorma J. Takanen Foundations call for grants is open 1.3.–30.4.2022. You can apply for internships or exchange abroad and research grants. Apply for grants using the grant system. Before applying, please get to know the instructions for application. The amount of grants for research projects is stated in the instructions for application.

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